Contents Insurance Coverage
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Contents Insurance Coverage

Whether you are renting a facility or if you own your own premises, if you have stock you need to consider Contents Insurance Coverage.  In many cases if you have Commercial Property Insurance you can also get coverage for contents in addition to damage to the actual physical structure.  If you are renting or leasing your physical space, you will need to get Commercial General Liability Insurance and Tenants Insurance.  You can get Contents Insurance Coverage riders to add to your policy to ensure your contents/property are adequately protected.

Contents Insurance refers to anything inside that is of value to the owners and is separate from inventory or stock.  This could include things like computers, furniture, art (assuming it is decorative rather than stock for sale), electronic devices, machines and so forth.

Depending on the business, Contents Insurance coverage could be crucial to protect against significant financial loss.  Imagine a coffee roasting business, now imagine the heavy duty machinery needed in a high output coffee roasting facility.  Now imagine the losses for this business due to business interruption in the event of damage to the interior of the facility.

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