Crane Truck Insurance
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Crane Truck Insurance

So you’ve got a crane truck and you want insurance and you’ve been told you just need to get business insurance, property damage insurance, third party insurance and insurance for the vehicle.  Simple right?  Not so.

Your business is your crane truck or crane trucks.  What if there is an accident on the way to the site?  What if a work site scaffolding tower collapses and spills a ton of bricks onto the crane truck.  As the owner of this crane truck you know it’s an expensive piece of equipment and you know too that there are a ton of risks involved in your business and if anything goes wrong you also know where the finger is going to point.

Crane truck insurance needs to cover all these circumstances and more.  Your crane truck insurance needs to consider everything from minor road accidents that can happen to even the safest of drivers to operator error and special considerations for lifting and unloading scenarios.

Get in touch with Krywolt Insurance to find out how we can help you get the right crane truck insurance that lets you drive, load and lift with peace of mind thanks for adequate coverage.


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