Electrician Insurance
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Electrician Insurance

Krywolt Insurance create special insurance policies specific to Electrician Insurance to suit big and smaller electrical services companies, sole operators and sparkies.

As an electrician your insurance cover is important as the result of your work can be catastrophic.  As an electrician working with electric wires, power transmitters and transformers there are a number of risks you face personally as well as the liability you assume for the actions you are taking or job you are performing.

Krywolt Insurance will work with you to determine the on-site risks and public liability.  We will assess the material damage exposure and product liability.  As an electrician your subjected to complete operations exposure which as you as likely well aware means that you are liable for defective workmanship on electrical items under repair and faulty installation of wiring.

There are many more considerations for your electrician insurance.  Get in touch with us today to get a no-obligation quote on insurance for your electrician company.


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