Health Spending Accounts

Decide how much you want employees to be able to claim on medical expenses and set those thresholds.  Give your people the freedom to choose.

Health Spending Accounts, also called HSA accounts, are self-insured private health services plans that are set up and managed by employers for their employees.  If you are an employer considering an extended medical plan or a health spending account for your staff you are obviously interested in retention and employee satisfaction and we applaud your direction.

A Health Spending Account is a group benefit where employees can claim the amounts spend on any medical expense that is laid out as a legitimate expense in the Canadian Income Tax Act.

As an example, an employee with a Health Spending Account of $2,000 for the year could opt to spend the entire amount on corrective laser eye surgery.  If that person then had other medical expenses later in that year they would pay out of pocket.  If the procedure cost more than $2,000 they would only receive the reimbursement of $2,000.

Health Spending Accounts offer employers the opportunity to determine the amount that is allocated to each employee’s Health Spending Account for the year, which mitigates financial risk and can allow you the opportunity to reward loyalty or attract new employees with a variety of plan options available to you.

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