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Home Painters Insurance

Sometimes people don’t recognize that a house well painted is a work of art.  We do.  We know the time it takes to mask properly and the effect a good coat of paint and colour choice can have on the mood a room evokes.  Whether you’re artist with your work or you simply do a great job or even if you’re a student painter operating a summer business painting fences, we understand the nuances of house painters insurance.

Some special considerations for house painters insurance are:

  • public liability
  • general property
  • fidelity
  • accident and sickness
  • business interruption

As a painter you need insurance for you and your business.  Home painters insurance protects you in case of accidents or a third person, property or yourself.  If you, the dog or the kids in the house trip over the paint cans or they tip on the furniture you and I both know where the finger is most likely going to point and it’s reassuring to know that you have coverage in place to account for accidents.  If you hurt yourself or if your equipment is stolen it is important to know that you have coverage.

Home painter insurance is affordable and offers significantly more protection that it costs.  Get in touch with us today and ensure your insured with home painters insurance from Krywolt Insurance.

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