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Insurance for Hospitality Companies

Hospitality InsuranceRestaurants, Pubs, Bars, Motels, Cafe's, and Sandwich Trucks all Have Different Risks.

Hospitality Industry Insurance

Whether you operate a hair salon, a cafe, a restaurant, bed and breakfast or any business that offers hospitality services, you need to make sure you are covered from litigious claims that can destroy your business.

Dealing with people can be a fickle affair from time to time, but also incredibly warm and rewarding at other times.  It is those fickle times where you need to make sure that when something goes wrong, and we both know it’s a when not an if, that you have insurance coverage that will help manage the situation.

Each hospitality business is different and there are so many differences within the sub-categories of this genre of business that in every case Krywolt Insurance provides a custom tailored quote specific to your business.  We address the needs and risks associated with your specific business and make recommendations on insurance coverage that suit your needs and requirements.

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  • Personal Attention
  • Exclusive Client Management
  • You’ll receive a competitive rate on a suitable policy year after year
  • Krywolt Customer Care
  • Access to all Major Insurance Providers
  • We act for you – not the insurance company
  • We’ll obtain multiple quotes for you on suitable policies from leading insurance companies and underwriters
  • You receive responsive friendly service.
  • You’ll have us in your court if you need to claim
  • We’ll do the leg work for you!
Hospitality Industry Insurance

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You need a hospitality insurance expert to be able to define all the possible risks associated with your business so you get the best possible coverage to ensure that a single simple accident or oversight doesn’t overcome your hospitality business. You know your business, we know the risks and the ways to protect your business from potentially crippling law suits or loss.

We don’t offer instant online quotes for hospitality insurance because there is no way we can get to know you and your business without speaking to you and coming to understand all the complexities or simple processes that need to be insured.

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