Landscaper Insurance
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Landscaper Insurance

As a landscaper you usually just want to work outside and create something beautiful.  Whether you are a sole operator or a large landscaping business you know there are risks.  Whether it’s a rock that you missed and it shoots out from the mower and breaks something or if it’s a trench you dug that someone didn’t see or your ladder accidentally happened to go through someone’s front window, there are risks and exposures that you need to have landscaper insurance coverage for.

Public liability insurance will generally cover you for risks that include slips and falls and third party property damage will cover third party injury but there are other risks.  Do you construct retaining walls or do you operate along then and is there a risk that your machinery could cause one to collapse.  What kind of machinery do you have and do you need to consider machinery breakdown insurance?  What about goods in transit?  Do you haul materials to and from sites?

Give us a call so we can learn more about your landscaper business and assess your risks and provide a comprehensive landscaper insurance solution for you.

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