Office Professionals Insurance Audit Ensure your are insured. As a Professional, do you need E&O insurance?

OK – that’s great – we’ve isolated the general area you want insurance for.  The Automotive Sector is rather large so we are going to need to chat with you about the specifics of your business.

Here are a couple things to think about before we chat.

  1. What is the value of the assets of the business?
  2. How much liability do you have with respect to other people’s property on your premises?
  3. Do you own the business premises?
  4. What is the potential risks of the information or services you are providing to your client base?  In a worst case scenario, what would that risk cost?
  5. Are you integral to the business – what would happen if you were injured and couldn’t work?

There are many more questions but this is a start.

As a professional, in any business, you are looked upon as “the expert” when you are providing advice and often that advice can lead to litigious action.  Whether you’re a doctor, dentist, lawyer, engineer, accountant, chef, event manager or any person regarded as “expert” when providing a service paid or otherwise you need to ensure you are protected from your actions and advice and the actions of others who follow on your advice.

Get in touch with Krywolt Insurance to find out the scope and type of professionals insurance you need to ensure you are personally protected and that your business, whatever it is, has the right professionals insurance protection in place.

Office Professionals Insurance – Get Started

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You need an office professionals insurance expert to be able to define all the possible risks associated with your business so you get the best possible coverage to ensure that a single simple accident or oversight doesn’t overcome your business. You know your business, we know the risks and the ways to protect your business from potentially crippling law suits or loss.

We don’t offer instant online quotes for office professionals insurance because there is no way we can get to know you and your business without speaking to you and coming to understand all the complexities or simple processes that need to be insured.

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